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The Education Association of St. Lucie 

Represents all Instructional Personnel

Our bargaining unit consists of all certified contractual regular employees who work as classroom teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, occupational specialists, audio-visual personnel, social workers, deans, program specialists, school psychologists, and primary intervention specialists (CTA Contract, definitions 3).

Evaluations & Performance

Need to know how you will be evaluated? What tests count towards the student performance factor on your evaluation? 

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FEA provides one-stop helpful information for teachers of all grade levels, subject areas and educational fields, all in one place.

Questions About Certification?

For information about your Florida State Certifications, go straight to the source, the Florida Department of Education.

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The Education Association of St. Lucie develops valuable Professional Developments for its members to take advantage of. Check out our schedule for upcoming workshops and events. For more information, contact our office.