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Worksite Leader

Have you always wanted to make a difference at your worksite?
Do people look to you for answers or send you to get the answers to their questions?
Then you may be a Worksite Leader at your worksite. Fill out the attached nomination form and give to a current worksite leader at your worksite. Elections will be held at all worksites.


Ratification Notice

CTA Contract Ratification Language Summary
CTA Contract Ratification LOUs
CU Contract Ratification Language Summary
CU Contract Ratification LOUs
ProTech Contract Ratification Language Summary
ProTech Contract Ratification LOUs

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    Great site requiring minimal set-up for brain breaks, indoor recess, release endorphins and get the blood flowing. It's scientifically proven to improve mood and cognition.


    Create active presentations for students or help students create interactive presentations on their own.


    A source for leveled reading passages.


    SLCSD-approved educational videos to use to create background knowledge, illustrate difficult concepts, etc.


    A K-12 resource library of materials for teaching and assessing for the Common Core.


    NEA’s popular resource for teachers and by teachers. Questions asked and answered.