Education Association of St. Lucie

Local 3616

Your Union Working Hard for You!

Education Association of St. Lucie

Local 3616

Your Union Working Hard for You!

Education Association of St. Lucie

Local 3616

Your Union Working Hard for You!

Negotiating for Best Pay & Working Conditions

Community Of Like-Minded Colleagues

World Class Professional Development

Grace Packs

Legal & Professional Protection

$1,000,000 Liability Protection

Become a Worksite Leader

Have you always wanted to make a difference at your worksite?

Do people look to you for answers or send you to get the answers to their questions?

Then you may be a Worksite Leader at your worksite.

Fill out the attached nomination form and give to a current worksite leader at your worksite. Elections will be held at all worksites.

Engage with EASL

Members get access to our private Facebook group.

For assistance with access please contact Lucy Bravo.

Education Association of St. Lucie
Education Association of St. Lucie2 weeks ago

Your union was once again represented at SLPS Summer Summit. It was so nice chatting with members and potential members as they stopped at our table. We also had the opportunity to present True Colors (personal awareness and success training) for the elementary participants today....

David Freeland

David Freeland


As your Union President, I believe my job is to create opportunities for our members to learn and grow professionally, to advocate for themselves, and to advocate for our colleagues. I believe when we learn to do that on a personal level, it empowers us to stand together when necessary and advocate for ourselves, our p... Read More


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Our society has become one of the most litigious in the world. As a teacher, you are responsible for the students in your classes on a daily basis. The possibility of a misunderstanding is great. You need LEGAL and PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION. Just as none of us would dare drive our cars without insurance, nor we should not step into a classroom without protection either.

The Education Association of St. Lucie is a professional employee organization, dedicated to the advocacy of public education and the educators within. EASL's 3 thousand members work at every level of education—K-12. EASL has affiliate organizations not only in the State of Florida but nationwide.

Your President's


Bargain wages, benefits, and contract language that encourages both the recruitment of outstanding employees and the retention of those employees who have made a commitment to work in St. Lucie County.

Support members at their worksites by supporting our current cadre of Worksite Leaders and to recruit new Worksite Leaders to expand our ability to advocate for our members at the worksite level.

Promote the Union’s commitment to excellence in public education with high-quality professional development, worksite leader identification and development, and ongoing local, state, and national advocacy for sound public education policy.

- E. David Freeland

Your Union Working for You!

Governing Policies

Our History


  We Believe 


All education employees are valuable to the public education system and deserve:

To earn a professional wage and secure retirement.

To have benefits that encourage personal health and wellness.

To be encouraged to participate meaningfully in decision-making about their students, their curriculum, and their daily work as other professionals do.

To improve their practice and skills through continuous, meaningful, professional development, mentoring, and support designed to foster career advancement and personal growth.

To have leaders who foster a culture of cooperative participation at the workplace.

To utilize the benefit of collective bargaining rights and representation when necessary without the fear of repercussions or reprisals.

To have leaders and a School Board that act in ways that encourage career-long district employment.

  Our Mission 

To work for the continuous improvement of instruction in St. Lucie County toward the end that every child obtains the best education that the community can offer.

To establish the active participation of our members in the formulation of educational policies, and to promote the highest standard of professional practices.

To advance the economic and professional interests of our members through formal negotiations with the St. Lucie County School Board.

To protect our members’ rights whenever necessary.

To guarantee our members’ rights to due process.

To make our members aware of their political responsibilities.

To cooperate to the fullest extent with the labor movement and to work for a progressive labor philosophy to awaken in all members a labor consciousness and a sense of solidarity with labor.

To seek relationships with other organizations to promote the public school system.

To promote education as a social agent for developing the capacities of the young, for enlightening adults, and for working toward a society motivated by the ideal of service and democratic participation.

To serve as the leader in protecting the significance of public education in Florida and advancing both quality and equality in the public education system.



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