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Education Association of St. Lucie Local 3616

Politics are a Fact of Life

Did you Know?

When you are born, someone appointed by an elected official registers your birth.
When you die, someone else appointed by an elected official records your death.

Between the cradle and the grave, elected officials and their appointees determine the things that affect your Job and Life...



      • The qualifications and certification you need to teach
      • The size of your class
      • Whether you can have a union represent you
      • The textbooks you may use and the material you can teach
      • The salary you earn
      • Whether you’ll have a job in the futur



      • The quality of the air you breathe
      • The nutritional value of the food you eat
      • The medications you can take and the cost of your health care
      • The education you and your children receive
      • The effectiveness, safety and quality of the highways
      • The interest rates you pay
      • The cost of gas, electricity, water and phone service
      • The speed you can drive
      • The taxes you pay on your home, clothes, and wages


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